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How to Stitch MP3 Files

February 17, 2012

A snug pocket will prevent your iPod from becoming dislodged as you take a jog. Nevertheless, if you would like it to be simple to access and work inside in the pocket, then you should make an effort to make it as loose as you possibly can.

Sew a hem in the edge. As tedious as it can be to hem an product, don’t let it be the reason you never finished it. It isn’t difficult to undertake. To progress further one has to fold each side in the cloth inside and sew along the folds almost 1/8″ from the tip. Fold both the upper and lower the main pocket, then stitch it up while using same method earlier described. This will give the pocket a superb looking finished design. You can find two styles to approach, using a very different color thread in the fabric you used or matching the thread and also the fabric depending on if you want your stitching to be noticed by people.

Sew the pocket on to the garment. Just lay the cloth onto your jean leg and then go up to stitch just along the edge, it will work out great! Do not sew completely to the top – see to it to leave an cracking open. Put on your trousers and stick your mp3player in a pocket.

Seeing people play an iPod in the car defeats the purpose of a radio. You are now prepared to hit this town in style.
Aside from moire, there’s one more change of scanning LP jackets you have to surmount–that pesky problem that album covers are just too big to fit to the scanner bed — at least on anything but an expert grade scanner. Not only is a scanner bed not large enough, but unless you will have a legal size scanner, that isn’t even long adequate! Both the bottom along with the edges of an LP will be cut off on that scan. Fortunately, there are workarounds.

Stitching the portions in the scan together

The easiest way is to scan your LP cover in sections, and then stitch them together inside your photo editing program. Even though most scanner beds are certainly not legal size, they are a bit bigger than 8. 5 x 11. Mine measures 11. 7 inches long. Still not large enough for an LP record jacket, nevertheless close enough. I simply scan the top portion of the coat, then turn it 180 degrees and scan the lower portion.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements makes it easy

A superb resolution at which to avoid wasting the final jacket is 600 x 600 dpi, which is the size of jacket art work of the songs purchased from this iTunes store. Remember if you save the image at too big a resolution, it will bloat the length of your music file, as the cover artwork is stored as part of the music file itself. This will allow fewer songs to adjust to on your iPod. However, if you have iTunes or an ipod itouch (or iPhone), along with the album jackets present on every one of your songs, you can make nifty usage of the Cover Flow view in browsing your music collection.

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